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November 2019:

Distinguished Flute Players:

Jean-Pierre Rampal: "lovely phrasing and musicianship, with such a beautiful sound...."

William Bennet: "when he sends them to me, Michael's students are already wonderfully prepared with a really fine technical foundation and musical understanding. He is certainly the finest flute player / teacher in Australia, as I've seen on my visits there"


Robert Rosen: International Orchestral Conductor

"Michael has the most beautiful, shining sound...."

John Lanchberry:

Musical Director & Chief Conductor, Royal Ballet, Covent Garden London

"If Michael doesn't play, I won't conduct this performance..."

Carlo Felice Cillario: Musical Director Australian Opera; Conductor La Scala, Milan

"Michael gives me the spirit of the orchestra..."

Richard Bonynge: Musical Director, Australian Opera

"Michael's abilities as player and teacher are of the top order. I've enjoyed working not only with him, but with several of his former students.... Best ever Lucia!"

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